BC Tow Boat Conference

Albion Marine Solutions participated in the 25th Anniversary of #BCTowBoatConference at #FairmontEmpress  at #Victoria from 30th May to 1st June. Albion showcased our Green Shipping Portfolio, emphasizing Energy Saving Devices, and engaged with clients from the Tug Boat and small boats sector. Albion Marine was represented by Deputy General Manager Mr. Sohan Mishra from our Vancouver headquarter.  He was delighted to walk you through Albion's latest advancements in Green Shipping, including Energy Saving Devices and cutting-edge naval architecture and vessel design to our esteemed clients we look forward to guide on the latest innovations in small boats within the Marine industry, from feasibility to installation options for the range of green solutions to help navigate the industry during this decarbonization journey for the marine industry.

Maritech Conference



Exciting week @Mari-Tech Conference at St John's, NL. Albion Marine Solutions has been at the forefront of finding innovative ways to assist ship owners with alternative green solutions to help in the decarbonization journey. We are happy to meet and connect to guide you through the various solutions that we have been spearheading under Albion's Green tech solutions!!

Feasibility Study Of Main Engine Replacement

The maritime industry’s objectives for reducing carbon dioxide are complex and multifaceted. In collaboration with valuable client, Albion Marine Solutions examines how retrofitting the existing main diesel engine with dual-fuel engines running on sustainable fuels can help achieve these goals.

This comprehensive examination was conducted on a 4,500 TEU container vessel. The engine types considered for this study were DF engines capable of working with methanol and LNG. HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) is considered secondary fuel. The engine makers considered for this study are WIN GD and MAN engines.

In this study, engine replacement is evaluated using various parameters, such as engine power, speed, size, seating arrangement, accessibility, provisions for lifting and dismantling the major engine components, specific fuel oil consumption, Energy Efficiency Index, and Carbon Intensity Indicator.

In this study, Albion recommended the best methanol-fueled and LNG-fueled engines from the multiple engine candidates. Finally, Albion conducted the EEXI and CII calculations for the selected engine and conducted a comparison study of the methanol and LNG engines.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ballast Water Innovation Program

Albion Marine Solutions, Fednav Limited, and Anglo-Eastern are proud to be part of The Ballast Water Innovation Project, funded by Transport Canada - Transports Canada. Over the next three years, we will work together to find innovative solutions to "ADDRESS THE CHALLENGING BALLAST WATER ISSUES IN GREAT LAKES & ST. LAWRENCE RIVERWAY" and combat the risk of invasive species in ports with challenging waters.




As pioneers in ballast water projects for the international shipping industry, Albion Marine Solutions, with its partners, presented our Project Phase 1 in Ottawa and held a workshop with representatives from DFO, Transport Canada - Transports Canada, and other stakeholders. We are thrilled to be working alongside a talented team of seasoned professionals from our project partners, researchers, and dedicated multinational teams to find innovative solutions for the BWIP project.

Big emissions bills are coming for ships sailing in Europe

Albion Marine Solutions provides cutting-edge decarbonization solutions and emission reduction strategies to enhance your ships' performance, safeguarding you from upcoming regulations and hefty emission bills. Our expertise in alternative fuel supply, infrastructure development, and innovative green vessel designs utilizing methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, and biofuels ensures your journey towards a sustainable future is smoother and more economically viable." 



Ships carrying everything from consumer goods to food and fuel in and out of the European Union will soon face hefty emissions bills. The maritime industry will join the bloc's Emissions Trading System in January, meaning big ships will start paying for carbon emissions.


Vessels carry over 80% of world trade and are a big source of emissions, pumping about 1 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2018. The incoming system is the world's first large-scale carbon charge for international shipping and part of the bloc's green push to tackle climate change. Yet, though sizable, the fees are unlikely to be high enough to force an immediate shift to cleaner marine fuels.


"The EU ETS will increase the freight rates," said Tore Longva, decarbonization director at ship classification society DNV. For a single container ship sailing between Europe and Asia, the emissions cost could total about €810,000 ($864,500) next year, assuming a carbon market price of €90 a ton, according to DNV. Firms will have to cover a greater share of emissions in the following two years, meaning costs should go even higher. For information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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