Sop's Arm Barge Disposal survey completed in Deer Lake, Sops Arm, Newfoundland

Albion Marine Solutions completed a barge disposal survey in Deer Lake, Sops Arm, Newfoundland. Under the Sop's Arm Barge Disposal survey, Albion conducted a vessel condition survey, searched for hazardous materials, evaluated the vessel's stability, validated structural integrity, conducted a risk assessment, and evaluated safety and security.


Albion Marine Solutions has been retained by the Vessels of concern Incident Management. These assessments are carried out as part of the application of section 36 of the Act respecting wrecks, abandoned, dilapidated, or hazardous vessels and salvage operations (WAHVA), which provides that the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans may if he has reasonable grounds to believe that a vessel presents or is likely to present a danger, take any action it considers necessary to prevent, mitigate or eliminate the hazard. Contact Albion Marine Solutions for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Albion Marine long term supervision project for decommissioning the Canadian Coast Gaurd vessel CCGS W.E Ricker has been completed

The long-term supervision project for decommissioning the Canadian Coast Guard vessel CCGS W.E Ricker has been completed by Albion Marine Solutions. We are consistently working toward protecting oceans and restoring the marine ecosystem by providing sustainable marine solutions and supporting the government of Canada's Ocean protection plan to make Canada's coast and waterways safe and healthier for everyone. 

We are experts in marine salvage, wreck removal, and complete end-of-life marine vessel decommissioning and recycling. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SMM – driving the maritime transition | 6 – 9 sep 2022

Meet Albion Marine Solutions at SMM Hamburg, the leading international maritime trade fair, from 6th to 9th Sept 2022. We will be exhibiting at Hall B6, Booth 141, displaying our products contributing towards shipping decarbonization and ocean protection.

 The 30th SMM will focus on innovative, workable solutions for climate change, digital transformation, and the maritime energy transition. Professionals in the maritime industry will get a complete overview of innovations from all areas. Click here to read more. 

Albion Marine provided onsite supervision for BWTS installation onboard bulk carrier vessel at CSSC Chengxi Shipyard, China.

The onsite supervision project for Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) DeNora BP-3000-A installation on the bulk carrier vessel at CSSC Chengxi Shipyard, China, has been completed by the Albion Marine China supervision team.


Albion Marine Solutions provided supervision to carry out the BWTS installation successfully. The ballast water treatment system installation commenced on June 29, 2022, and was finished on August 4, 2022.


Under Albion Marine's Supervision

  • Electrolyzer Skid & Strainer installed on 3rd Deck.
  • Power Supply Skid installed , ensure power cable connections are accurate and cooling FW is supplied to the power supply.
  • Two sets of filters, backflush pump, Filter control panel installed on 4th Deck, inlet outlet pipe connections to the overboard line.
  • Sodium Storage tank, Heat Exchanger installed and connections to Saline water supply.
  • Neutralization Skid and Booster Pump Skid 1&2 installed at E/R tank top.
  • Main Control Panel and Remote-control panels installed nearby filter and CCR, respectively.
  • Hijoy items; BWTS main power breaker, GPS signal output distribution box
  • Installation of degas Vent pipe layout to central deck ventilation
  • Ballast Pumps and stripping Pumps inlet and outlet pipe completed.


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced the next phase of Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced the next phase of Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan. With the new investment of $2 billion over nine years, announced in Budget 2022, Canada will establish 15 new measures to expand ocean protection initiatives to more regions and better proactively combat emerging threats to marine safety while continuing or expanding 39 existing initiatives. This new funding is in addition to the $1.5 billion initially announced in 2016 and brings the total invested in support of the plan to $3.5 billion.

The renewed and expanded plan will help make further progress to:

  • Enhance the protection and restoration of vulnerable marine ecosystems and wildlife;
  • Improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of Canada’s marine supply chains and mitigate their impacts on the environment, including by advancing research on marine pollution, ecosystems, and wildlife;
  • Better manage marine traffic navigation off our coasts and marine incidents of all types; and
  • Advance partnerships and training opportunities for Indigenous and coastal communities to incorporate their expertise and experiences in various aspects of marine safety and ecosystem protection

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