Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. offers extensive operational expertise and collaboration with customizing outfitters to provide clients with a full range of design and engineering services to meet their unique requirements and set of goals. 

Offshore engineering involves a wide variety of activities, such as oil and gas extraction from natural reservoirs, designing offshore installations and offshore drilling equipment, or devising methods to maximise productivity.

Albion Marine Solutions focuses on:

• Offshore production specifics

• Cost effectiveness

• Installation operations and maintenance 


 Our team can provide reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions that include:

• Concept designs

• 3D scanning

• Feasibility studies

• Basic designs

• Detailed designs

• Topside designs 

• Process designs 

• Accommodation designs 

• HVAC designs 

• Mooring designs 

• Module designs

• Completion and commissioning plans

• Operational procedures 

 Our team specializes in concept design, feasibility studies, preliminary Front End Engineering Design (pre-FEED), FEED, and the detailed design of offshore installations and terminals. We offers our clients our vast engineering expertise to provide them with innovative solutions that have quality, safety and efficiency prioritized.