Albion Marine Solutions stands out as the sole North American company engaged in collaborations with prominent OEM manufacturers of LNG Fuel Gas Supply Systems. Our extensive network enables us to provide high-pressure and low-pressure Fuel Gas Supply Systems tailored to client's specific requirements across the globe. Taking into account operational needs and vessel specifications, we conduct feasibility studies and propose the optimal Fuel Gas Supply System. We deliver exceptionally reliable products and services based on our considerable expertise.


Our supplied FGSS systems are widely recognized for its compact design and high efficiency. Additionally, we provide remote access to the FGSS control system, allowing convenient monitoring and management. In order to further assist our customers, we offer one year of complimentary service and support through remote connectivity.

The Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the demands of both high-pressure and low-pressure engines. It effectively fulfills the gas supply requirements of various engine types, such as low-pressure, high-pressure, and four-stroke engines and other onboard equipment like marine boilers.