Engine Overhauling, referred to as engine rebuilding or reconditioning, is a thorough and systematic procedure involving the disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement of worn out or defective components in an internal combustion engine. The main objective of this process is to bring the engine back to its best operating condition, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Albion Marine Solutions specializes in repairing and overhauling large-capacity diesel and marine engines. 

Engine overhauls are typically performed according to the maker's maintenance schedule when an engine has accumulated significant operating hours and may have experienced reduced performance, increased oil consumption, or other mechanical issues. An overhaul can extend the engine's life and restore it to a like-new condition, saving the cost of a complete engine replacement and ensuring continued reliable operation.

During an overhaul, the entire engine is taken apart, and each component undergoes meticulous scrutiny for any indications of wear, damage, or decay. Common parts that are examined or substituted during this overhaul process comprise:


Pistons: Inspected for wear, damage, or scoring. Replaced if necessary.

Piston Rings: Checked for proper sealing and replaced if worn out.

Cylinder Liners: Inspected for wear and replaced if required.

Connecting Rods: Checked for bending, wear, or damage. Replaced if needed.

Crankshaft: Checked for cracks, wear, and straightness. Reground or replaced if necessary.

Bearings: Checked for wear and replaced if showing signs of damage.

Cylinder Head: Inspected for cracks, warping, or valve seating issues. Repaired or replaced as needed.

Valve and Valve Seats: Checked for wear and proper sealing. Replaced or re-machined if necessary.

Timing Belt/Chain and Tensioners: Replaced to prevent future failures.

Gaskets and Seals: Replaced throughout the engine to prevent leaks.


At Albion Marine Solutions, we are experts in providing specialized engine overhauling services for all marine and diesel engines. Our skilled team excels in precision crankshaft grinding and repair and effectively addresses casting cracks and damages through advanced metal stitching and locking techniques. Our expertise extends to skillfully rebabbitting old bearings, restoring them to their original condition. With a primary focus on marine and auxiliary engine crankshaft repair, we have completed numerous jobs, building a solid reputation for delivering exceptional solutions in the industry. Albion Marine service engineers strictly adhere to the procedures for overhauling and repairing marine engines, following the guidelines specified in the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Our services encompass marine diesel engine repair and overhaul for all major manufacturers of 2-stroke and 4-stroke propulsion engines and auxiliary engines.



Albion Marine's cost-effective Engine Overhauling services onboard vessels are powered by an expert team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who efficiently diagnose issues and perform accurate repairs. We prioritize high-quality parts and equipment, ensuring optimal engine performance and extended service life, thereby reducing the need for frequent repairs. Our on-site design support minimizes logistical costs and downtime, while strict adherence to regulations and industry standards ensures efficient and safe overhauling processes, mitigating the risk of additional expenses.