Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides a full range of design and engineering maritime services with years of experience and the most up-to-date technological expertise. The Albion team has designed new vessels and converted or upgraded multiple other ships operating globally with a focus on improved technologies, new or imminent regulatory standards, and changing market conditions.


Our team always works to optimize vessel performance to achieve the efficiencies necessary for our clients to meet their business goals. Every new project is carefully assessed with the objective of finding the best solutions for that particular client’s requirements.

Albion’s specialists always stay keenly aware of all the major trends developing within the maritime industry so they can offer every client unique solutions based on key financial, operational and technical considerations to minimize investment risk.

Some of our many capabilities include:


·         Feasibility studies

·         Vessel inspections and surveys

·         Front end design

·         Layouts, upgrades, and conversions

·         Multidisciplinary engineering: structural, mechanical, pipe, electrical, and instrumentational

·         Engineering and construction

·         Mooring studies

·         Damage and condition assessments

·         Operational and maintenance optimization

·         Energy audits and energy efficiency implementation studies

·         Propulsion repowering designs