Cut Operation Costs, Carbon Footprint, and Give a New Life to Your Old Ships/Ferries


Albion Marine Solutions is your strategic partner in optimizing fleet performance, efficiency, and the longevity of ships and ferries. Our innovative decarbonizing energy-saving solutions for ferries and ships reduce operational costs and significantly contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future in line with the net-zero emissions goal. We assist ships and ferry operators with qualified crew solutions, superintendency, procurement, and life cycle extension programs designed to upgrade and repair old and obsolete equipment.


Canadian Ferry Association Conference 2023 wraps up today with engaging Sessions on Electric Vessel Charging, Advancements in Energy Storage Solutions, Electric and Hybrid Ferry Systems, Underwater Radiated Noise, Digital Transformation, and the Crucial Role of Ferries in Global Economies. 

Albion Marine Solutions exhibited at the Canadian Ferry Conference 2023, in Vancouver BC represented by Mr. Sohan Mishra and Mr. Iain Gunn. During the conference, we had valuable interactions with ferry operators, clients, and industry leaders, demonstrating how our innovative solutions can effectively address the current needs and demands of both ferry and sea-going vessels. We offered cutting-edge energy-saving and carbon-capture decarbonization solutions for the ferry and sea-going vessels and offshore industry. 

Albion Marine Solutions: Your Complete Maritime Solutions provider


Our expertise includes:  

1.Qualified Crew Solutions: We provide top-notch crewing solutions to ensure experienced professionals operate your vessels/ferries.


2.Energy-Saving Options: Albion provides energy-efficient solutions that reduce operational costs and carbon footprint.


3.Vessel Life Cycle Extension: We offer extensive life cycle extension options for older ferry fleets, ensuring your vessels remain operational and efficient for years.


4.Superintendency: Our superintendency services ensure your fleet's smooth and efficient operation.


5.Turnkey Solutions:  From feasibility studies to engineering packages, installation, commissioning, and after-sales support, Albion offers turnkey solutions to your ferry operation needs.


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