Albion Marine Alternative Marine Power Solutions for new builds and retrofits

During the berthing period, the ship's main engine is turned off. However, the ship must continue operating its auxiliary engines and boilers to generate electricity for essential tasks such as communication, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and onboard devices. Typically, this electricity is produced by generators (auxiliary engines) through the combustion of marine fuels, resulting in air emissions that are harmful to the environment, air quality, and human health.

Alternate Marine Power AMP is a beneficial solution to reduce ship-caused emissions considerably. Alternate Marine Power, or AMP is an anti-pollution measure; AMP is used when the ship is halting at a port so that the ship's engines (working on diesel) do not need to be used unnecessarily. Ships can shut down the auxiliary engine at berths and use the required power from the national grid to reduce air emissions. This technology is known as 'alternative maritime power'  It's beneficial for ship operators to turn towards alternate marine power solutions to help reduce the emissions from ships by a significant margin. AMP can considerably decrease SO2, NOx, PM, CO, VOC, CO2, N2 O, and CH4 emissions. Further, the system eliminates noise and vibration from ships in the port area. Because of less emissions and noise, AMP affects air quality and human health.


A reliable solution and a trustworthy engineering and service partner is crucial for alternative marine power solutions. Albion Marine Solutions excels as a proficient turnkey solution integrator; our alternative marine power solutions (AMP) adhere to the standards for high voltage/ low Voltage shore connection systems in providing a cost-effective hardware solution for different vessel types, such as large container ships, passenger ferries, RO-Pax, RO-RO vessels, and tankers.

Albion goes beyond being a mere supplier of Alternative Marine Power Solutions, extending our role as a global partner capable of offering comprehensive through-life management, spare parts, maintenance, training, and worldwide support services; for more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.