Albion Marine Solutions began with another large turnkey project at the Portuguese shipyard



Albion Marine Solutions is delighted to announce that we have begun with another major Turnkey Project at the Portuguese Shipyard. Under this Turnkey Project, Albion Marine Solutions will install the Alfa-Laval Pure Ballast Water Treatment 3.2Ex Deckhouse system and provide effective technical designs. Further, going to supply all the necessary equipment required for installation and assist in engineering project management and after installation support services.  


Albion Marine Solutions is not only working on the installation of the Alfa Laval Ballast Water Treatment System. However, We are the primary supplier of all the pieces of equipment required for this retrofit, which includes supplying of spare parts, GRE pipes, Flanges, Pipe Spools, tubes, Valves with hydraulic actuators, liquid flow valves & liquid flow controllers, Electrical Panels, Electric cables, thermo cables, Elbow bell,  Grounding Saddles, and albion marine assembled distribution boards etc.


 Albion Marine Solutions is specialized in innovative marine turnkey solutions having a global service network and offering services at worldwide locations. Albion Marine takes pride in the vastness and variety of turnkey project management that we bring to the table for every project. Moreover, our engineering team has years of experience in installing various systems. Our turnkey package is customizable as per client requirements. For more information, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.