Scrubber Barge - Air abatement technology floating unit

Albion Marine Solutions provides a scrubber barge solution for vessels in port that helps reduce Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and submicron particulate matter in exhaust gas regardless of vessel size and engine size. Our newly developed air abatement technology is being installed in a floating unit. It’s a unique concept for preserving the marine environment and ecosystem. The Albion Marine Solutions treatment plant floating system (Scrubber Barge designed by Andritz)  is propelled by a battery-powered electrical propulsion system, increasing efficiency, and decreasing operational costs. It can operate at any port or harbours located worldwide as well as in the Canadian territory.


The Floating system is designed with all safety standards and regulates as per SOLAS & IMO, and other Canadian regulations. Scrubber Barge (Air abatement technology floating unit) is equipped with all safety systems & unmanned monitoring systems that can be manned with less crew members. For more information contact Albion team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.