Ballast Water Management System



Project Planning and Management: Albion Marine Solutions provides well-organized project Management from the beginning to the completion of the project, an essential component of a successful retrofit project. Albion professionals project management team is well reliable and adhere to a cost-effective approach for successful project completion, including a time for interactions with third parties such as Class, BWTS vendors, suppliers of OFE, logistics, technical procurement, etc.


Ship Site Survey and 3D Scan: Albion Marine Solutions has an experienced Ship Site Survey team to onboard a vessel of any type to conduct an onboard survey. The survey team will use modern measuring and laser scanning equipment for their site survey to determine the exact location for any new equipment. The scanning team will identify all utility tie-in points for all systems under consideration.


Feasibility Study: Selection for BWTS System: Albion Marine Solutions provides its engineering expertise for selecting the BWT system for installation onboard (retrofit) of the subject vessel. Albion Marine Solutions is very well familiar with most of the BWT systems available in the market. Our key personnel have attended the training and production facilities of several major manufacturers. Also, our project personnel have hands-on experience with the integration and operation of several various BWT systems.


Engineering Package (Concept Designs +Basic Engineering + Detailed Engineering): Albion Marine Solutions engineering work is an evaluation of the proposed Concept Design and its discussion with the stakeholders. The Concept Design will be developed on findings from the Ship Site Survey and the conclusions of the feasibility study. Then in Basic Engineering, the project team will deliver the generic and functional designs of the main components and systems, including piping, cabling, various foundations, etc. Lastly, The Detailed Engineering phase involves close coordination and synchronization among different engineering disciplines, with all in-house resources working interactively and progressively.  
Prefabrication: Albion Marine offers a turnkey pre-fabrication package. Pre-fabrication is a critical component of retrofit activities. Albion Marine handles the entire pre-fabrication of the piping and foundations. Albion Marine would also provide all necessary valves, cables, and breakers and cover all the material acquisition costs, including freight.


Installation Retrofit Management: Albion Marine will organize a riding crew for the BWTS installation once it is in service. The system installation onboard will be completed by the riding squad, which will include electrical and steelwork. Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides trained and certified electricians, mechanics, pipefitters and technicians to ensure safe and efficient repairs and retrofits onboard the ships at sea or in ports. The voyage repairs are carried out on board the vessels without hampering the routine operation of the vessels and thus no commercial loss for the clients. Riding Squads are composed based on the nature of the job scope. Albion can take up voyage repairs or work in the shipyard for new build and during routine dry-dock repairs with the Riding Squads.


Commissioning: Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. offers highly skilled engineers with vast experience to assist with the commissioning of various systems. Commissioning on site is nearly always done in the presence of the client and, if required, an official representative of a classification society. An essential aspect of commissioning is the testing of capacity and functionality. Our qualified engineers conduct installations and commissioning worldwide and provide practical, feasible and comprehensive solutions to the challenges arising from any project. 


Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMP): Changes to the existing BWMP, including valve sequences and operational flowcharts and Class approval management: Albion Marine Solutions arranges and oversees a wide range of independent services in the field of ballast water management: project management, engineering, consultancy, fabrication, installation, and site supervision. Our expert portfolio combines operational experience, technical expertise, and regulatory knowledge. Our clients are ship owners, ship operators,  governments, independent organizations, post-state control inspectors, and BWTS vendors.


After Sales Support :Albion Marine Solutions Marine Engineer will attend the vessel for Annual Maintenance, Inspection, and Validation/Replacement Service and sampling service/sensor exchange. After Sales Support by Albion Team can be completed within the standard port stay of 24-36 hours.


Sampling and Testing Service: Albion Marine Solutions is an ABS recognized service supplier for Biological Testing of Ballast Water Treatment systems during Commissioning following Installation. Albion Marine has an excellent relationship for BWTS sample testing on-site and then sending the sample to a USCG/ IMO approved laboratory for detailed testing.


Chemical Suppliers of Ballast Water Treatment Systems: For Ballast Water treatment systems employing electro-chlorination or direct chlorination, Albion Marine offers OEM specified neutralizers to reduce active chlorine levels prior to ballast water discharge. Albion has the following water treatment products to de-chlorinate ballast water before discharge to the environment, which included: Sodium Meta Bisulphite Powder (Solid), Sodium Meta Bisulphate (Liquid), Sodium Bisulphite Powder (Liquid) and Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate. 

Ballast Water Treatment System Reagents: Albion Marine stocks a twelve-month reagent kit for OEM-specific online residual chlorine monitors used in Ballast Water Treatment Systems. Albion marine reagent Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) for ballast water treatment systems consists of four Indicator bottles (Liquid, HAZMAT), four  DPD powder bottles (Powder) and a Buffer solution bottle (Liquid). 

Deckhouse : Albion Marine’s deckhouse solution for ballast water treatment system (BWTS) plug and play arrangement is suitable for different makes of BWTS, electro -chlorination and UV technologies. It comes with all the necessary equipment for pre-assembled piping and electrical layout inside the deckhouse. If necessary, for tanker vessels, the equipment and electrical fittings can be made ex-rated as per IEC standard for hazardous area classification.


Scope of Supply

  • BWTS – Client preferred system
  • Deckhouse heating & ventilation with power backups.
  • Complete interior design with insulation, lining, ceiling, lighting, ex-proof fittings, WT doors.
  • Fire and smoke detection system
  • Optimization as per OEM and client requirements
  • Design can be modified as per client and vessel requirements.


 Sample Projects

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. maintains an extensive technical and commercial database of BWTS currently available on the market and collaborates on the behalf of clients with a number of BWTS suppliers. Our personnel are trained by equipment manufacturers and have a marine background with hands-on experience in the project management of fleet upgrade programs.

We provide repair and troubleshooting services for many ships ownersAlbion Marine Solutions is specialized in innovative marine turnkey solutions having a global service network and offering services at worldwide locations. Our turnkey package is customizable as per client requirements. For more information, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Marine Engineering


 Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides a full range of design and engineering maritime services with years of experience and the most up-to-date technological expertise. The Albion team has designed new vessels and converted or upgraded multiple other ships operating globally with a focus on improved technologies, new or imminent regulatory standards, and changing market conditions.


Our team always works to optimize vessel performance to achieve the efficiencies necessary for our clients to meet their business goals. Every new project is carefully assessed with the objective of finding the best solutions for that particular client’s requirements.

Albion’s specialists always stay keenly aware of all the major trends developing within the maritime industry so they can offer every client unique solutions based on key financial, operational and technical considerations to minimize investment risk.

Some of our many capabilities include:


·         Feasibility studies

·         Vessel inspections and surveys

·         Front end design

·         Layouts, upgrades, and conversions

·         Multidisciplinary engineering: structural, mechanical, pipe, electrical, and instrumentational

·         Engineering and construction

·         Mooring studies

·         Damage and condition assessments

·         Operational and maintenance optimization

·         Energy audits and energy efficiency implementation studies

·         Propulsion repowering designs



In Voyage & Anchorage Services


Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides certified electricians, mechanics as well as steel, exotic and GRE pipefitters and technicians to ensure safe, efficient repairs and retrofits aboard vessels in port or at sea.

Voyage repairs are carried out aboard vessels without hampering their routine operations, thereby keeping these ships in service without interruption. Albion Marine Solution’s riding squads have a solid reputation for expert repairs and retrofits en route. Once the work is completed, our team disembarks at the next port of call and is on its way.

The members of each riding squad are selected based on the required expertise. Mechanical, electrical and welding requirements, along with testing, are commonly done while a vessel remains under way.

Albion Marine Solution’s team of certified fitters, welders, electricians and technicians are prepared to work in a shipyard for a new build, at a dry dock for routine maintenance/repairs, or at sea for a range of work that includes:

-          Repairs and/or replacement of steel and/or GRE pipes

-          Vessel fabrication: the installation of ladders, stairs, access platforms and other steelwork

-          Retrofitting of any equipment on deck, in the engine room, or for accommodations

-          Major overhauls of a main engine and/or auxiliary engines

-          Auxiliary machinery repairs: viz winches, windlass, deck cranes, pumps, air compressors, etc.

       -          Testing, troubleshooting/repairs of scrubber systems and ballast water treatment systems 







Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides superintendency services globally, managed by a dedicated ship superintendency team based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. This superintendency team helps a client to ensure that all technical and operational elements of a vessel, including the necessary supporting correspondence, adhere to and comply with International Safety Management (SIM) classification rules, and maritime insurance requirements.

We also provide workshop assistance for critical work from several ports globally, specifically in:

The United States: Houston, Seattle, Long Beach

South-East Asia: Singapore

Europe: Gdansk, Split, Tenerife, Istanbul

The United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Fujairah

China: Shanghai, Shenzhen

India: Chennai, Mumbai

Canada: Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal

All the workshops are fully equipped for machining and fabrication, with Class approved welders, fitters and technicians.

Our services include:

·         Steel, hull and pipeline repairs

·         Engine and machinery repairs

·         Underwater hull inspections

·         Underwater propeller polishing

·         Assessment, damage and grounding surveys

·         Owner representative monitoring of Class renewal/UTM surveys/LSA FFA surveys

·         Hazardous materials inventory as per the Hong Kong International Convention

·         Logistics support

·         Other required surveys and/or inspections






Tank Cleaning

Albion Marine is providing experienced riding teams for cost-effective, reliable, and safe tank cleaning services worldwide. Regardless of the size or the material within the tanks, we have experienced personnel, to deliver a quality finish.  Our project management will put safety procedures in place and will work with clients to reduce potential disruptions to their operations. We offer a complete tank cleaning service from inspection, planning, cleaning, treatment and/or waste disposal.


Technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels.

There are some important technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels which may involve, among other, fuel tankage allocation and separation, fuel handling system upgrades, handling of excess steam, auxiliary boilers upgrades. We utilize a holistic and methodical approach to development of cost-effective and reliable solution for each type of vessels. 


We provide:

• Wastewater treatment neutralization for compliance with wastewater discharge regulations

• Tank maintenance and inspection 

• Fuel oil tank cleaning 

• Large-scale tank cleaning 

We have the equipment and experience necessary to complete any tank cleaning project. 






Ship Sanitation

In 2020 COVID-19 took the shipping industry by surprise. As a precaution ship Owners and Operators should sanitize their vessels.

If proper sanitation measures are not in place, ships are particularly prone to disease outbreaks. Ships have isolated communities with close accommodations, shared sanitary facilities and common food and water supplies. Such conditions can be favourable to the spread of infectious diseases.

Cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination services for vessels need specialized training, experience, and equipment. Albion Marine Solutions specializes in cleaning and decontamination for cruise ships, passenger vessels, yachts, offshore platforms, and boats. Our team can complete ship sanitation at ports or during voyage thanks to our riding squad.

We provide trained and certified personnel to perform sanitation services worldwide. We assist the maritime industry to prevent and control the introduction, transmission, and spread of illnesses onboard.




Albion Marine is providing experienced riding teams for cost-effective, reliable, and safe tank cleaning services worldwide. Regardless of the size or the material within the tanks, we have experienced personnel, to deliver a quality finish.  Our project management will put safety procedures in place and will work with clients to reduce potential disruptions to their operations. We offer a complete tank cleaning service from inspection, planning, cleaning, treatment and/or waste disposal.

Technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels.

There are some important technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels which may involve, among other, fuel tankage allocation and separation, fuel handling system upgrades, handling of excess steam, auxiliary boilers upgrades. We utilize a holistic and methodical approach to development of cost-effective and reliable solution for each type of vessels. 

We provide:

• Wastewater treatment neutralization for compliance with wastewater discharge regulations

• Tank maintenance and inspection 

• Fuel oil tank cleaning 

• Large-scale tank cleaning 

We have the equipment and experience necessary to complete any tank cleaning project. 


Naval Architecture

Albion Marine Solutions offers vessel design services from the initial concept through contractual design documentation to final production working drawings and procurement support. Our naval architects have hands-on experience working aboard vessels and in shipyards. We help to determine engineering solutions that facilitate clients each designing vessels ideally suited to their specific purposes.

Our team has experience in the design, optimization, conversion, repowering and various retrofitting of   tugs, tankers, floating storage, and offloading (FSO) units, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units, floating storage regasification units (FSRU), barges, tankers, bulk carriers, ferries and other passenger vessels, LNG, and other specialized vessels. We provide a unique combination of practical seagoing and shipbuilding experience with innovative design capabilities to produce highly efficient individualized solutions for our clients.

We support our clients through shipyard qualification and selection, bid review, contract negotiations and new-build construction management.



  • Concept, preliminary, contract and functional designs
  • Repowering design studies and engineering
  • Vessel conversion studies and engineering
  • Vessel definition and specification development
  • Statements of requirements
  • Structural, propulsion and machinery arrangements
  • Accommodation design
  • Production designs
  • Hull development, definition, and fairing
  • Structural design and advanced analysis
  • Model development
  • Vessel system designs
  • LNG as a fuel designs
  • Hybrid and electric propulsion designs
  • Repowering designs
  • Special purpose build designs




The shipping industry’s most recent demands for tug performance have facilitated an array of new designs and technologies. They also emphasize the need to minimize environmental impact. ALBION series of tugboats are versatile, having outstanding hydrodynamic performance and can be tailored to comply with specific vessel requirements. Proven design capable of developing a bollard pull of 20 t for pulling/ pushing/ alongside towing and shall be required and to provide towing assistance to ship in rivers and canals. The vessel can also be tailored under hybrid propulsion system using batteries. The tug is equipped with all latest deck machineries and navigational equipment’s. The engine room and machinery spaces are designed to be unattended. The vessel is equipped with a remote monitoring system where all the vital data from the tugs main machinery and systems shall be captured and reported to the onshore maintenance team in real time.




Albion Marine Solutions has developed and designed a multi-purpose vessel (MSMM) that fully complies with the highest safety and environmental concerns to reduce the carbon print during its operation and performance standards. MSMM vessel will enable the Coast Guard to carry out multiple missions; these vessels can deliver a wide range of programs while maximizing mission modularity, innovation, green technologies, and an adequate return on investment.

According to Albion Marine Solutions Director, Mr. Sergiy Yakovenko, "Multi-Purpose Vessels (MSMM) primarily will help in supporting a variety of missions including icebreaking, navigation aids, environmental Ecosystem marine response and search and rescue, charting, offshore search, SAR operations, hydrographic work, and payload supports."


Albion Marine is proud to be on the front lines of new electric and hybrid propulsion technologies for existing fleets and new builds. It is already a few years since we have completed a concept design for an actual zero-emission cable ferry- Albion Zero. The concept utilizes solar power and the power of river streams to generate sufficient charge for ferry operation. The ferry carries eight vehicles or two large trucks and capable of operating in shallow waters. The vessel does not need an electric grid, and it does not utilize engines during the regular process.

Director of Albion Marine Mr. Yakovenko says: “It is an elegant engineering concept specifically designed for a river crossing in remote Northern location with limited or non-existing infrastructure. Our modular design makes it suitable for a large range of ferry designs. The conversion payback period only a few years”.











Albion Marine Solutions provides a scrubber barge solution for vessels in port that helps reduce Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and submicron particulate matter in exhaust gas regardless of vessel size and engine size. Our newly developed air abatement technology is being installed in a floating unit. It’s a unique concept for preserving the marine environment and ecosystem. The Albion Marine Solutions treatment plant floating system (Air Abatement Technology unit designed by Andritz) is propelled by a battery-powered electrical propulsion system, increasing efficiency, and decreasing operational costs. It can operate at any port or harbors located worldwide as well as in the Canadian territory.

The Floating system is designed with all safety standards and regulates as per SOLAS & IMO, and other Canadian regulations. Scrubber Barge (Air abatement technology floating unit) is equipped with all safety systems & unmanned monitoring systems that can be manned with less crew members.



ALBION FLOATING DRONE STATION: Albion floating drone station design is specially drawn to address the facilities and operating requirements of onshore drone station. Albion drone station can be used for variety of purposes such as forest fire fighting, surveying and patrolling activities near the forest and inland waterways.



23 M HYBRID PATROL VESSEL: Albion hybrid-classed patrol vessel can operate on electric and diesel engines for the Coast Guard. The vessel is designed and assembled following SOLAS, IMO, and Canadian regulations. In all weather and sea state conditions, the hull is planned and configured to counteract the sloshing effects of the wave and strengthen the vessel's seakeeping and maneuverability.




LNG PASSENGER FERRY: Albion's newly developed LNG powered ferries are designed to operate between the various ferry terminal across the Canadian inland waterways. The hull of this ferry has been optimized to achieve a low drag at high speed thereby reducing the speed and achieve maximum engine efficiency. The super structure is designed with aim of reducing the air drag and reduce resistance.  


LNG BUNKERING BARGE: Albion's LNG bunkering barges are designed to meet the increased demand for LNG at the Port of Vancouver and other core ports in Canada, covering the real needs of STS bunkering. The design is based on the inclusion of one additional segregation of LNG to the existing barge to supply gas as fuel to their vessels.




MODULAR FLOATING DRYDOCK: A floating Dry Dock of Modular type is designed to be flexible, increasing and decreasing its length to suit the client’s requirements. The floating dry dock has two cranes, safety equipment, Control Room, DG Room, Mechanical Workshops, Switch Board Room, Fire Control Room, fully air-conditioned/heated resting & recreational space & Deck Stores.  


ALBION RO-PAX HIGH SPEED HYBRID FERRY: The Vessel is designed and built as a Ro-Ro passenger ship compliant with SOLAS regulations for short international voyages in accordance with builders’ standards. Her equipment and systems are modern, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and suitable for the transportation of passengers, trucks, and other wheeled cargoes. The Vessel is propelled using waterjets and a hybrid propulsion system in a quest to reduce carbon emissions.  



Compliance with OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines Edition 4 (MEG 4)
Albion Marine Solutions provides a complete package for MEG4 calculations and compliance with updated guidelines at a reasonable price, fully customized to the customer's demands and the ship needs. Albion Marine personnel have extensive experience in ship design calculations, gap analysis studies, and onboard inspections.

Albion offer expert mooring Solutions:

  • MEG4 Mooring Equipment Gap Analysis & Study
  •  Ship Design Calculations
  • Mooring Line and Equipment onboard Detailed inspection
  • Drafting MSMP, LMP, MSMPR & LMPR
  • Rope Residual Strength Testing



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Project Management

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides complete project management with related services to meet the requirements of a large range of clients. Our project management team has extensive experience in operations, engineering and project management.

We specialize in project management services for the marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries by handling engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) projects from start to finish, or by carrying out specific tasks such as: business case development, tendering, project planning, interface management, engineering, procurement, logistics, construction management and commissioning, cost control measures, adherence to quality management system (QMS) guidelines and ISO compliance requirements, as well as compliance to applicable global standards and codes. 

 The Albion Marine Solutions team fully aware of and understands the current technologies employed in the operation, maintenance, analysis, and management of onboard equipment. Our project manager takes leadership on shipyard projects to make sure our client’s requirements are realized. We always help clients to determine the scope of the work required, a realistic but cost-effective schedule, and the selection of reliable vendors to ensure on-time delivery of every project within budget.


 Our expertise includes:

·         New build programs     

·         Special purpose build designs

·         Vessel conversions

·         Offshore installations and repairs: FSO, FPSO, FSRU and shuttle tankers

·         New equipment retrofits

·         Fleet upgrade programs

·         Legislated compliance retrofits

At Albion Marine Solutions, our project management teams always use their up-to-date maritime and regulatory knowledge, professional training, and vast experience to establish the best plans and layout procedures, as well as identify the best practices to achieve and maintain a project’s success.

Our team executes projects by using defined processes and technologies to help our clients achieve their specific project goals. We deliver projects on time and within budget through collaborative leadership and effective risk management. From insight to execution, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that their project results not only meet but exceed their expectations.


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