Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, design, and drafting services with related industrial engineering applications to the maritime, offshore, construction, and oil and gas sectors. Every scan precisely locates/positions millions of data point within a given space. The 3D point cloud that is established can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in commonly used computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and other software applications. The numerous possible uses for the point cloud include:

  • Site survey data.
  • Damage investigation reports.
  • Conversion/retrofit plans.
  • Reverse engineering steps.
  • Conceptual designs.
  • Detailed engineering.

3D Laser Scanning

These digital surveys capture and deliver vessel hulls' complex shapes and geometry. The 3D laser scanning can be done to determine the definition of possible hull deflections and inspect every stage of a construction/assembling process to verify the robustness of any deviations from the original design.

Lasers scanners can survey complex surfaces that would otherwise be unapproachable, including damaged/destroyed areas, for an insurance claim and redesign purposes.   



3D Modelling

Albion Marine Solutions provides 3D modeling, design, and drafting services to offshore, construction, maritime, and oil and gas industries. Our designers use the latest 3D CAD Modeling software to prepare 3D Concept models and detailed fabrication drawings for ship conversions and plant upgrades, including custom part and assembly modeling, prototype design, complex construction design, structural layouts, and machinery. Our team carries out extensive research before conceptualizing the final job. This helps us to offer accuracy while identifying the clients’ needs. We offer our services to various industries which includes Architecture and Construction, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Medical, Wind Energy, Offshore, Mining, Aerospace




Plot Plans

The laser scans of the plant and structure, machinery, electrical cabling, and piping systems are extracted from the point cloud to create isometric drawings. Our designers use AutoCAD software to generate these plot plan drawings.




Vessel Hull Lines 

Our designers use the latest 3D CAD software to prepare 3D concept models and detailed fabrication drawings for ship conversions and plant upgrades, including custom part and assembly modeling, prototype design, complex construction design, structural layouts, and machinery. The unified and dense point cloud provides the proper initial spatial information for extracting any deliverables from naval lines (e.g., waterlines, buttocks, and sections) to a 3D reconstructed ship geometry (modeling) in any compatible CAD format.




Laser Track Measurement

Using Laser Track, our team offers our clients an unmatched range of measurements. The laser tracking uses CAM2/Measure X measurements software that enables CAD-based analysis.

Engineering Drafting

The 3D laser scan data is an irreplaceable tool in developing engineering design packages. Our designers combine the processed scan data, 3D models, existing arrangements, engineering design, and client requirements to create the required engineering deliverables: Conversion Specifications, Plans, and Detailed Fabrication drawings.



Offshore Conversion


3D scanning and modeling is a valuable tool in complex, multidisciplinary projects where precise cut-out and fitment of new offshore equipment is a standard scope of work. Our personnel has extensive offshore conversion experience and new builds: FSO, FPSO, FSRU, shuttles, oil rings, and platforms.



Reverse Engineering

Albion Marine Solutions offers reverse engineering services which include drawings of the physical object. Our high technology software enables us to apply manufacturing skills, functional skills, and knowledge to deliver product model and quality drawings.






3D scanning of a crime scene prior to evidence collection is an integral part of the documentation. 3D scanning technology allows investigators to preserve a permanent digital copy of a scene that can be viewed virtually. Police and insurance companies can use 3D scanning to take measurements, inspect evidence, and more. A 3D scanner works smoother and faster than photography at a crime scene, providing critically important data.




3D scanning and measurement are integral elements of architecture, engineering, and construction from the design to the inspection stage. For contractors, laser scanning lowers risk by ensuring complete and accurate as-built drawings and exposing any inaccuracies early.



Our scanning services provide civil engineering and construction firms with mines and mining machinery representations. Accurate as-built documentation helps engineers determine and ensure safety standards. 3D Laser Scan measures and monitors the stability of rock faces and slopes to improve safety. This provides an early warning of movement and, therefore, potential failures in the active mining area that may impact production, cause damage to equipment or even cause injury to personnel. 3D scanning is an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction applications from the design to the inspection stage.




Oil & Gas

Our team provides 3D laser scanning services in oil and gas applications to produce reliable and high-quality data. Laser Scanning is safe, accurate, and fast. Our team members accurately and efficiently capture data in locations where accessibility is difficult and unsafe areas. 3D Scan provides reliable, accurate as-built information for facility upgrades and expansions. 




Damage Assessment and Survey

Albion Marine uses 3D scanning and modeling for a damage survey of a vessel’s hull and machinery. The sophisticated 3D technology helps capture accurate data, including changes in hull geometry and the disposition of damaged elements. In conjunction with a survey conducted by our experienced surveyors, 3D scanning, and modeling provide concerned parties with the information required for investigations and efficient remedial action.