Albion Marine Solutions has expertise in designing, fabricating, installing, and supporting diverse automated control systems. With new technological advancements, can do more safely with more petite man - power by utilizing computerized systems to monitor and control various pieces of equipment found on marine vessels. We have a global network, and our support teams are dedicated to assist you in maintaining the critical balance between operational availability and cost. Our assistance is available wherever your vessel is located.  


Marine Automation & Control Systems: Albion Marine's integrated ship automation solutions make possible continuous monitoring and reliable control of all relevant onboard processes. We provide new optimization opportunities can assist you in optimizing the complex vessel operating process. Albion Marine Solutions delivered automation systems are of the highest standard in quality and functionality, making them the first choice for quality ship owners and operators. 




Albion Marine Solutions Automation :Provides design, build, integration, testing, installation, commissioning, and support for scalable custom-engineered automation, instrumentation, monitoring, alarm, and control systems for marine, offshore, and naval applications. Our vessel performance concept, also a part of our Green Ship Strategy, provides tools that enable ship owners and operators to manage their vessels in more economical and environmentally friendly ways without breaching safety regulations.



Albion Marine Solutions team is fully qualified, and factory trained to provide integrated automation and control solutions for the systems listed below: 

  • Fixed Gas detection System
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems
  • Fire Alarm detection System
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Cargo Control & I.G. Systems
  • Engine Room Bilge Alarm System
  • Pump Room Temperature Monitoring System
  • Engine Control, Safety and Protection Systems
  • Boiler Control and Burner Management Systems
  • Gas Analyzers and Pump Room Gas Monitoring System
  • AIS & SSAS System and Engine Efficiency Monitoring Systems
  • Oil Water Separator and Bilge Oil Content Monitors
  • Navigation, Public Address and Intercom System 
  • Intrinsically safe bilge alarm for pump room
  • Marine approved communication systems
  • COT HI & HI-HIGH Alarm System 
  • Engine Maneuvering Systems
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems
  • PLC & SCADA Programming & Configuration Services 
  • PCB repair and reconditioning