Design and Engineering: Our experienced automation engineers and designers collaborate closely with clients to develop customized automation and control system solutions. We employ the latest technologies and industry best practices to create efficient and reliable systems that align with your operational requirements.


Installation and Integration: Our skilled technicians ensure the seamless installation and integration of automation and control systems into your vessels or offshore facilities. We carefully plan and execute the installation process, working efficiently to minimize disruption to your operations. We ensure that all components work harmoniously through meticulous integration to deliver optimal performance.

System Upgrades: As technology advances and regulations evolve, it is essential to keep your automation and control systems up to date. We offer system upgrades to enhance functionality, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with the latest industry standards. Our team will assess your existing systems, propose tailored upgrade solutions, and execute the necessary modifications with precision.

Repair Services: Albion Marine offers shipowners a more affordable option than replacing outdated automation systems, often suggested by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Instead, Albion Marine provides a top-notch repair service for electrical and automation systems, allowing the equipment to last longer. Our skilled team is equipped to efficiently diagnose and resolve issues with your automation and control systems. We have the expertise to troubleshoot and repair various system components, including instrumentation, alarms, monitoring devices, and control panels. We work diligently to minimize downtime and quickly restore your systems to full functionality.

Maintenance and Support:  We recognize the significance of proactive maintenance in ensuring the seamless operation of your automation and control systems. Our maintenance programs encompass regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and efficient troubleshooting. By choosing Albion Marine as your trusted maintenance partner, you can mitigate the risk of unforeseen failures, prolong the lifespan of your systems, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.



Choose Albion Marine Solutions as your trusted engineering partner for Marine Automation and Control Systems Services. Our commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and customer-focused approach ensures we deliver solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your automation and control system needs and let us help you optimize your maritime operations.