Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides complete project management with related services to meet the requirements of a large range of clients. Our project management team has extensive experience in operations, engineering and project management.

We specialize in project management services for the marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries by handling engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) projects from start to finish, or by carrying out specific tasks such as: business case development, tendering, project planning, interface management, engineering, procurement, logistics, construction management and commissioning, cost control measures, adherence to quality management system (QMS) guidelines and ISO compliance requirements, as well as compliance to applicable global standards and codes. 

 The Albion Marine Solutions team fully aware of and understands the current technologies employed in the operation, maintenance, analysis, and management of onboard equipment. Our project manager takes leadership on shipyard projects to make sure our client’s requirements are realized. We always help clients to determine the scope of the work required, a realistic but cost-effective schedule, and the selection of reliable vendors to ensure on-time delivery of every project within budget.


 Our expertise includes:

·         New build programs     

·         Special purpose build designs

·         Vessel conversions

·         Offshore installations and repairs: FSO, FPSO, FSRU and shuttle tankers

·         New equipment retrofits

·         Fleet upgrade programs

·         Legislated compliance retrofits

At Albion Marine Solutions, our project management teams always use their up-to-date maritime and regulatory knowledge, professional training, and vast experience to establish the best plans and layout procedures, as well as identify the best practices to achieve and maintain a project’s success.

Our team executes projects by using defined processes and technologies to help our clients achieve their specific project goals. We deliver projects on time and within budget through collaborative leadership and effective risk management. From insight to execution, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that their project results not only meet but exceed their expectations.