Drone Services

Albion Marine’s R&D team has come up with a unique way to carry out certain survey and/or inspection requirements using a purpose-built drone base. This drone utilization is a highly sophisticated, safe, efficient and cost-effective approach.

The many advantages of using a drone include:

• Safety: Inspectors remain a safe distance while getting a close-up camera view.

• Prevention: The relative low cost of drone inspections is prompting many companies to use them to do inspections more often to detect potential issues earlier and avoid expensive repairs.

•  Data: The archivable data obtained by a drone provides a meticulous record of a major asset’s condition over time.

• Recompense: Using a drone to assess the condition of a damaged or dysfunctional asset can speed up the payment of a liability insurance claim and reduce any related costly downtime.

Condition Assessment Survey 

• A precise, reliable, intuitive drone inspection of interior spaces

• Real-time HD feed to the surveyor or the ship owner

• A spherical carbon-fibre cage that protects the drone propellers to facilitate confined-area use

• Repeatedly tested reliability in terms of capability to pass through vessel portholes

• Photogrammetry software for a 3D imaging option

• Combined use with LIDAR V1 & HF1 technology for on-board processing and real-time analysis

• Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) that facilitates accurate 3D mapping in GPS-denied environments, such as within interior spaces, underground, or near large structures.

• 3D modelling of the inspected space

• Locating, quantifying and measuring faults precisely

• A simpler way to spot faults than numerous time-consuming photo comparisons with an internal structures map

• Time and project cost savings

          • Easier volume and dimensional calculations

          • For piping surveys/inspections, the elevation of the interior pipe, its shape, the pipe condition, and the length/size of any defect 

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM Gauging) 

• Spot thickness readings

• A-scan readings at a target position with 5-centimetre precision in terms of diameter

• Real-time waveform input to a landside inspector

• UT readings with 0.01-mm resolution and a measurable thickness range of 1 mm to 635 mm

• Capability to measure along curved surfaces

• Readings without the need of a GPS signal

Albion Marine Solutions can provide UTM gauging for ships, storage tanks, cranes, offshore platforms, wind turbines, and bridges. 



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