Albion Marine Solutions offers vessel design services from the initial concept through contractual design documentation to final production working drawings and procurement support. Our naval architects have hands-on experience working aboard vessels and in shipyards. We help to determine engineering solutions that facilitate clients each designing vessels ideally suited to their specific purposes.


Our team has experience in the design, optimization, conversion, repowering and various retrofitting of   tugs, tankers, floating storage and offloading (FSO) units, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units, floating storage regasification units (FSRU), barges, tankers, bulk carriers, ferries and other passenger vessels, LNG and other specialized vessels. We provide a unique combination of practical seagoing and shipbuilding experience with innovative design capabilities to produce highly efficient individualized solutions for our clients. 

 We support our clients through shipyard qualification and selection, bid review, contract negotiations and new-build construction management.


Our naval architecture services include:

 ·         Concept, preliminary, contract and functional designs

·         Repowering design studies and engineering

·         Vessel conversion studies and engineering

·         Vessel definition and specification development

·         Statements of requirements

·         Structural, propulsion and machinery arrangements

·         Accommodation designs

·         Production designs

·         Hull development, definition, and fairing

·         Structural design and advanced analysis

·         Model development

·         Vessel system designs

·         LNG as a fuel designs

·         Hybrid and electric propulsion designs

·         Repowering designs

·         Special purpose build designs



Sample Projects

Albion Marine Solutions has developed a state-of-the-art Hybrid Patrol Vessel. The vessel design incorporates proven hybrid technology that guarantees the prompt interaction between diesel and diesel-electric energy for optimum power delivery. The design meets Transport Canada standards and International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) rules. The vessel’s primary functions would be to support coast guard or harbor master activities that include on-water compliance monitoring, port procedure education and enforcement, vessel escorts, the removal of navigational hazards, and marine oil spill response assistance. The vessel is also ideally suited for scientific monitoring and sampling, conducting port tours, or as a remote emergency operations center


Albion Marine Solutions has developed an Oil Recovery Aluminum Barge. The non-powered aluminum barge has been designed in a range of sizes to provide the required storage capacity for recovered oil in calm waters after a marine pollution incident. The light but sturdy aluminum barges facilitate easy and rapid deployment to assist in a recovery operation. All of the construction and equipment complies with Canadian Coast Guard standards and other applicable regulations.







Albion Zero 


Well aware of the need for maritime transportation to decarbonize, Albion Marine Solutions has developed its own proprietary design for the Albion Zero – a no-emissions ferry powered by renewable electrical energy.


The ferry has been designed to meet current and upcoming environmental regulations, making it a future-proof solution. Albion Zero’s sustainable design makes this ferry compatible with using solar power and/or tidal power to recharge the onboard batteries. The ferry is fitted with a range of the latest technological innovations to provide optimal efficiency and reliability. These latest technologies include wireless charging and automatic mooring.  

Albion Zero’s design has been kept modular to adapt to vessels that vary in size and propulsion mechanisms. Although it can be implemented globally, it has been designed to replace/convert the large number of diesel-hydraulic river-crossing ferries in Canada. This concept is well suited for Northern and other Indigenous communities in remote areas with no grid power in ferry crossing vicinities to charge batteries. The adaptability to solar and/or tidal power gives Albion Zero a clear advantage in the river-crossing ferry market.  

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