Albion Marine Solutions supplies high-performance industrial valves for the marine and offshore industry, including type-approved marine valves and valves that can be pressure tested and witnessed by a classification society. Albion Marine provides a wide range of valve configurations to meet all services and conditions, including stop valves, self-closing valves, check valves, drain valves, discharge valves, joint valves, quick-closing valves, ball valves, storm valves, fire valves, plug valves, relief valves, safety valves, butterfly valves, and more.



We offer a comprehensive range of certified valves suitable for high- and low-pressure applications. We serve as the primary sales and storage center and have a vast logistics network, including branches in China, Singapore, India, and Canada.

 Applications: Bilge valves, Fire & Wash Deck / Lube Oil Valve / Domestic Wastewater Valve, BWTS, and various applications.

Applicable standards: DIN, JIS, ASTM, CB, and universal. Pressure rating: ANSI 150, ANSI 300, PN10, PN16 ,5K,10K,10Bar and 16 Bar.

Design Standard: Ball valve-EN17292, Butterfly valve-API 609, Globe-BS 1873, Bronze Globe/SDNR-MSS SP[1]80 & SDNR-ASME B16.34

End connection: Flanged-ASME B16.5 (FF and RF), Screwed, Lug, and Wafer.

Operation type: Handwheel, lever, Hydraulic operated with the fusible link, lever with spring loaded, Hand wheel w/hydraulic remote release, manual hand operated, and others.

Inspection and testing requirement: Seat leakage test API 598 in accordance with the max working pressure of 10 bar Hydrostatic test as per API 598. a) Shell test = 1.5 x Max. working pressure. b) Seat test = 1.1 x Max. working pressure. Material test certification for Body, bonnet & Disc as per EN 10204 3.1 and Shaft, Seat as per 2.2. 4 Visual Inspection as per MSS SP-55 Albion Marine provides competitive pricing, fast delivery, and outstanding service. We have maintained a vast inventory of valves, parts, and components in multiple materials, so we can promptly respond to client needs. Upon receiving an order, valves are typically assembled and tested within one to two days.