Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. is committed to providing robust, cost-effective technical services to various industry clients, including ship owners and operators, charterers, underwriters, protection, indemnity mutual insurance associations (P&I clubs), law firms, and flag states. Our client assistance extends beyond initiatives to improve operational integrity. We support our clients with a comprehensive approach throughout an asset’s lifecycle. With strong global expertise and experience, we are increasingly involved in decommissioning aging assets. We likewise provide offshore operators with end-to-end asset management solutions. Our service is based on our technical capabilities in establishing asset integrity management and risk modeling throughout a project’s lifecycle.



During the construction phase of a project, it is essential to maintain control over the quality of the materials and services being procured. Equally crucial is ensuring that site conditions do not pose any kind of risk or delay to the start of construction. During any project, it is likewise critical to monitor actual progress against expected progress so that any potential issues are promptly identified and corrected. Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. offers highly skilled engineers with vast experience to assist with the commissioning of various systems.

Commissioning on site is nearly always done in the presence of the client and, if required, an official representative of a classification society. An essential aspect of the commissioning is the testing of capacity and functionality. Our qualified engineers conduct installations and commissioning worldwide and provide effective, feasible and comprehensive solutions to the challenges arising from any project.



Inspections and Surveys

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides expert inspection and survey services to various shipping companies worldwide. A highly trained staff of professional marine engineers, captains, surveyors, and technicians is prepared to assist with:


  • Pre-purchase and sale inspections 
  • Condition surveys
  • Digital/3D surveys
  • Insurance surveys,
  • Damage and repair surveys
  • Expert witness documentation/testimony
  • Lightship surveys and inclining experiments
  • Vessel loading and lashing surveys
  • Inspection and site supervision
  • Construction inspections
  • Engine and machinery inspections
  • Tonnage measurements calculations and consultations
  • Deadweight audits


  • Navigational audits
  • MARPOL audits
  • Safety management system audits
  • Cargo operation audits
  • Bridge resource management audits
  • Engine room resource management audits
  • Mooring operation audits
  • Hazardous materials inventories
  • Cargo tank inspections
  • Cargo holds inspections
  • Close up and drone inspections
  • Measuring equipment validation verification



Superintendency/Site Supervision

Experienced site supervision capability: Albion Marine Solutions has been involved in site supervision for: Construction repairs, conversions, and retrofits of various vessels, including FPSOs, FSRUs, bulkers, tankers, barges, and boats. Albion Marine has completed several supervision projects worldwide.

We have established a project team of maritime experts with extensive backgrounds in marine engineering, naval architecture, vessel surveys, and project management. Our superintendents are specialized in newbuilding supervision and have extensive experience in design/construction management, engineering design assistance, construction supervision: Outfitting, hull, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, piping, coating, LNG, and offshore systems and are committed to providing the best newbuilding supervision service to the utmost.   



Purchase and Sales Inspections

As a guaranteed independent expert, Albion’s team of surveyors can safeguard a client’s interests by conducting on-site purchase and sale vessel inspections. We help our clients to identify actual or potential safety and operational issues with a detailed report on a vessel’s condition. The vessel is thoroughly inspected using Engineering Model Configuration Inspection (EMCI) standards.              






Riding Squads in Voyage Repairs 

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. carries out voyage repairs and sea-going maintenance, providing riding repair teams all over the world. Our team is composed by trained and certified fitters, welders, GRE fitters, electricians, skilled and trained Fitters for Main and Auxiliary engine major overhauls and technicians to ensure safe and efficient repairs and retrofits on board of the ships at sea or in ports. We carry out full range of mechanical, piping and steel work at anchorage or at berth.


Albion Marine has capability and expertise to take up voyage repairs onboard all types of the vessels. The voyage repairs are carried out onboard the vessels without hampering the routine operation of the vessels and thus no commercial loss for the clients. Albion can take up voyage repairs or work in the shipyard for new build and during routine dry-dock repairs with the Riding Squads.


Riding Squads can perform:

• Repairs and/or renewal of steel and/or GRE pipes, 

• Fabrication jobs involving installation of ladder, stairs, access platforms, installation of lifting I-beam,

• Retrofitting of any equipment/s on deck, engine room and accommodation 

• Major overhaul of main engine and auxiliary engines

• Repairs of auxiliary machinery – viz. winches, windlass, deck cranes, various types of pumps, air compressors etc.


Tender Support

The tender phase of your project is a time consuming and resource intensive task. Albion Marine Solutions tender support ensures an accurate tender phase with expert tender documentation preparation, analysis, and negotiation. We work with our clients to coordinate the tender process and meet deadlines

Our team of professionals helps ensure an accurate tender procedure to prepare and negotiate all project bids.

Albion Marine can either help create the content for the entire document, including the commercial elements, or work with content you provide, making sure that it is complete and meeting the tender guidelines.

Albion Marine Solutions can help you with:

• Define a strategic plan and choose the right bidders 

• Ensure all goods and services meet the quality assessment and are in full regulatory compliance 

• Ensure successful negotiations

 Our tender support service includes: Document review, Preparation of documentation, Bid evaluation and negotiation, Project planning, Resource planning and Tender procedures

To discuss how we can offer you extensive support to ensure a successful tender phase, contact us today. 




We specialize in the prefabrication of piping and steel work for the installation of equipment in order to reduce a refit time, while at sea, alongside or in dock. Complete work packages, including cabling, fittings, prefabricated piping, foundations, equipment, and associated hardware, are assembled, and shipped worldwide.              





Maintenance Optimization

 Our maintenance planning specialists have extensive background in implementing and improving the Planned Maintenance Programs in order to prevent breakdowns and reduce OPEX.






Drone Services 

Albion Marine’s R&D team has come up with a unique way to carry out certain survey and/or inspection requirements using a purpose-built drone base. This drone utilization is a highly sophisticated, safe, efficient, and cost-effective approach.

The many advantages of using a drone include:

• Safety: Inspectors remain a safe distance while getting a close-up camera view.

• Prevention: The relative low cost of drone inspections is prompting many companies to use them to do inspections more often to detect potential issues earlier and avoid expensive repairs.

•  Data: The archivable data obtained by a drone provides a meticulous record of a major asset’s condition over time.

• Recompense: Using a drone to assess the condition of a damaged or dysfunctional asset can speed up the payment of a liability insurance claim and reduce any related costly downtime.


Condition Assessment Survey

• A precise, reliable, intuitive drone inspection of interior spaces

• Real-time HD feed to the surveyor or the ship owner

• A spherical carbon-fiber cage that protects the drone propellers to facilitate confined-area use

• Repeatedly tested reliability in terms of capability to pass through vessel portholes

• Photogrammetry software for a 3D imaging option

• Combined use with LIDAR V1 & HF1 technology for on-board processing and real-time analysis

• Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) that facilitates accurate 3D mapping in GPS-denied environments, such as within interior spaces, underground, or near large structures.

• 3D modelling of the inspected space

• Locating, quantifying, and measuring faults precisely

• A simpler way to spot faults than numerous time-consuming photo comparisons with an internal structures map

• Time and project cost savings

          • Easier volume and dimensional calculations



Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM Gauging)

• Spot thickness readings

• A-scan readings at a target position with 5-centimetre precision in terms of diameter

• Real-time waveform input to a landside inspector

• UT readings with 0.01-mm resolution and a measurable thickness range of 1 mm to 635 mm

• Capability to measure along curved surfaces

• Readings without the need of a GPS signal

Albion Marine Solutions can provide UTM gauging for ships, storage tanks, cranes, offshore platforms, wind turbines, and bridges. 


Digital Twins

Albion Marine Solutions aims to provide new industry tools that will enable vessel brokers, project managers, and inspectors to remotely access vessels, saving them time and money while lowering the risk of unforeseen conditions and change orders. 

 A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical entity or framework. Data can be analyzed, and systems can be monitored by combining the virtual and physical worlds in simulations to avoid unintended consequences, reduce downtime, discover new opportunities, and even plan for the future. The technology underlying digital twins has evolved to include large objects such as machinery, buildings, and even ships. 

Benefits of the Digital Twin in Shipping 

1. Fleet Optimization Through Virtual Ship Control System Transition

2. Improving Port and Terminal Operations

3. Situational awareness in terms of operational parameters

4. Supply Chain Optimization from Start to Finish

5. Increased Security Ensures Safety