IMO Ballast Water Management Convention - Simple steps to get ready.

13 years since Convention has been adopted in 2004.

3 months till Convention enters into force.

3 days till IMO MEPC.71 meeting which may or may not extend the implementation time line. In any case it will be interesting meeting. I am looking forward to attending MEPC.71 as part of the Canadian delegation.

IMO Ballast Water Convention is ratified and will enter into force on 8th of September 2017. It is a fact, and there will be no coming back.

It has been long journey: over 40 different Guidelines, Circulars and Resolutions pertaining to the implementation of IMO BWM Convention have been developed. 69 BWTS have received  IMO Type Approval Certificate. Thousands of BWTS  have been fitted and hundreds have been in operation, some since 2009.

Here are two simple steps Shipowner need to take  to get ready.

Step 1:

After Convention  enters in force,  all vessels must comply with ballast water discharge standard D-1 (ballast water exchange).

Prior to  8th of September 2017 a vessel  must:

  • Implement an Approved Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Implement and maintain  a Ballast Water Record Book
  • Order an Initial  Class Survey and
  • Receive an International Ballast Water Certificate (D-1)

Step 2:

After Convention enters into force and on IOPP Certificate renewal, all existing vessels must comply with D-2 standard (ballast water treatment).

In order to comply with D-2 Shipowner must:

  • Choose  IMO Approved  Ballast Water Treatment system
  • Complete an engineering retrofit design
  • Request Class  Plan Approval
  • Carry out a  retrofit
  • Request a Class  Acceptance  Survey and
  • Receive  an International Ballast Water Certificate (D-2)

Maritime industry has a considerable experience with installation and operation of various Ballast Water Treatment Systems. This experience has prompted several proposals to postpone the implementation deadline which will be discussed on  3rd to 7th July, 2017  at MEPC.71.

  • MEPC/71/12 - Proposal by Brazil , Cook Islands, India, Liberia, Norway and UK  
    • Ships constructed on or after 8 September 2017 shall comply on delivery
    • For existing ships, link to IOPP retained with up to two years delay depending on IOPP renewal date. It means, all ships compliant by 8 September 2024.
  • MEPC/71/17 – Proposal by China to support previous MEPC.70 proposal with flat 2 years delay.
  • MEPC/71/19- Intercargo and Intermanager propose an exemption for top side tanks of  bulk carriers.
  • MEPC/71/28-Submission by   Japan  does not support any delays in principle – but ships without IOPP certificate (i.e < 400 GT) to be compliant by 8 September 2024.
  • MEPC/71/30- Greece supports proposal by Brazil at all. and adds two years for new builds.

In order to change the existing schedule qualified  2/3 majority vote is required.

Many Shipowners have decided to not wait for the outcome of MEPC.71. They have planned for a retrofit according to the original schedule or have arranged to de-couple the IOPP Certificate and therefore postpone a retrofit for another five years.

Many have taken advantage of buyer’s market and secured supply of BWTS and engineering services for future retrofits. Albion Marine Solutions is busy with inquiries regarding our optimized Shipboard Survey / 3D Scan and “turn key” retrofit engineering  package.


Day of the Seafarer 2017

Once seafarer - forever seafarer. Most of our staff are ex-seafarers. Albion Marine supports IMO Day of the Seafarer. June 25 is IMO Day of the Seafarer, and the IMO is encouraging everyone to join the campaign and show that #SeafarersMatter.

BWTS Training Program

Congratulations to Albion Marine Solutions personnel successfully completed the Alfa Laval PureBallast Engineering Partner Training. Excellent training program and very well delivered by Alfa Laval at modern training facility. 

Albion Marine Director Sergiy Yakovenko commented : “ It is essential part of our Quality Assurance program to provide the OEM training to our personnel in systems to be retrofitted on board”. 

Albion Marine Solutions is turn key project management, engineering, fabrication and retrofit service provider for BWTS retrofits. Head office is in Vancouver, Canada and project support offices in Montreal,  Canada; Gdansk, Poland ; Mumbai, India


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