Feasibility Study Of Main Engine Replacement

The maritime industry’s objectives for reducing carbon dioxide are complex and multifaceted. In collaboration with valuable client, Albion Marine Solutions examines how retrofitting the existing main diesel engine with dual-fuel engines running on sustainable fuels can help achieve these goals.

This comprehensive examination was conducted on a 4,500 TEU container vessel. The engine types considered for this study were DF engines capable of working with methanol and LNG. HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) is considered secondary fuel. The engine makers considered for this study are WIN GD and MAN engines.

In this study, engine replacement is evaluated using various parameters, such as engine power, speed, size, seating arrangement, accessibility, provisions for lifting and dismantling the major engine components, specific fuel oil consumption, Energy Efficiency Index, and Carbon Intensity Indicator.

In this study, Albion recommended the best methanol-fueled and LNG-fueled engines from the multiple engine candidates. Finally, Albion conducted the EEXI and CII calculations for the selected engine and conducted a comparison study of the methanol and LNG engines.

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