Albion Marine conducted an assessment of the abandoned ship, "La Grande Hermine."

Albion Marine investigated and examined an abandoned ship perched on the shoreline at Jordan Harbour, close off Lake Ontario's western side, between Hamilton and St. Catharines. The ship was built in 1914 in Quebec and began as a ferry on St. Lawrence before becoming a freight ship and finally a floating restaurant. The abandoned ship arrived in Jordan Harbour in 1997 to be converted into another restaurant and became the victim of an arson fire in January 2003.

Albion Marine surveyor begins with a ship basic survey, then searches for hazardous materials, evaluates the vessel's stability, validates the ship's structural integrity, assesses risk, and evaluates the current safety and security. Albion Marine Solutions has been retained by the Vessels of concern Incident Management. These assessments are carried out as part of the application of section 36 of the Act respecting wrecks, abandoned, dilapidated, or hazardous vessels, and salvage operations. 

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