Albion Marine Solutions began with another large turnkey project at the Portuguese shipyard



Albion Marine Solutions is delighted to announce that we have begun with another major Turnkey Project at the Portuguese Shipyard. Under this Turnkey Project, Albion Marine Solutions will install the Alfa-Laval Pure Ballast Water Treatment 3.2Ex Deckhouse system and provide effective technical designs. Further, going to supply all the necessary equipment required for installation and assist in engineering project management and after installation support services.  


Albion Marine Solutions is not only working on the installation of the Alfa Laval Ballast Water Treatment System. However, We are the primary supplier of all the pieces of equipment required for this retrofit, which includes supplying of spare parts, GRE pipes, Flanges, Pipe Spools, tubes, Valves with hydraulic actuators, liquid flow valves & liquid flow controllers, Electrical Panels, Electric cables, thermo cables, Elbow bell,  Grounding Saddles, and albion marine assembled distribution boards etc.


 Albion Marine Solutions is specialized in innovative marine turnkey solutions having a global service network and offering services at worldwide locations. Albion Marine takes pride in the vastness and variety of turnkey project management that we bring to the table for every project. Moreover, our engineering team has years of experience in installing various systems. Our turnkey package is customizable as per client requirements. For more information, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Albion has developed a first of kind newly developed floating drone station

Drones are increasingly being used to solve modern-day challenges. Albion has built a first-of-its-kind floating drone station that can be used for various purposes, including forest fire suppression, surveying, and surveillance near forests and inland waterways. Albion Marine Solutions has created the design specifically to meet the facilities and operational needs of an on-shore drone station.  It can also be used as training facilities for commercial drone pilots. 



The superstructure holds a drone station, bunkers, gymnasium, galley, and other recreational facilities for drone pilots and technicians ranging from 27 to 35 pax for the endurance of 10-12 days. This can either be designed as both stationary and with propulsion system along with dynamic thrusters. For more information contact Albion Marine Solution This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scrubber Barge - Air abatement technology floating unit

Albion Marine Solutions provides a scrubber barge solution for vessels in port that helps reduce Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and submicron particulate matter in exhaust gas regardless of vessel size and engine size. Our newly developed air abatement technology is being installed in a floating unit. It’s a unique concept for preserving the marine environment and ecosystem. The Albion Marine Solutions treatment plant floating system (Scrubber Barge designed by Andritz)  is propelled by a battery-powered electrical propulsion system, increasing efficiency, and decreasing operational costs. It can operate at any port or harbours located worldwide as well as in the Canadian territory.


The Floating system is designed with all safety standards and regulates as per SOLAS & IMO, and other Canadian regulations. Scrubber Barge (Air abatement technology floating unit) is equipped with all safety systems & unmanned monitoring systems that can be manned with less crew members. For more information contact Albion team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Decommissioning of the Canadian Coast Guard offshore fisheries research vessel CCGS W.E Ricker

Albion Marine Solutions is delighted to announce that we are participating in decommissioning CCGS W.E Ricker, a Canadian Coast Guard offshore fisheries research vessel in Vancouver Island.


The ship CCGS W.E Ricker was built as a commercial fishing trawler called Callistratus before being purchased by the Canadian government in 1984 and converted to a fisheries research vessel W.E. Ricker. The vessel entered service with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 1986. Then, it was transferred to the Canadian Coast Guard in 1995 after the two fleets were amalgamated. For more information, contact Albion Marine Solutions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 Albion Marine emphasizes on sustainable environment and energy optimizing solutions. Albion Marine Engineers are specialized in marine salvage and wreck removal, complete end-of-life marine vessel decommissioning and recycling, vessel conversions afloat and dry dock. We are the best in this domain; get in touch with us for hassle-free green disposal

The Future Fleet- Albion Multi-Purpose Vessel (MSMM)

Albion Marine Solutions has developed and designed a multi-purpose vessel (MSMM) that fully complies with the highest safety and environmental concerns to reduce the carbon print during its operation and performance standards. MSMM vessel will enable the Coast Guard to carry out multiple missions; these vessels can deliver a wide range of programs while maximizing mission modularity, innovation, green technologies, and an adequate return on investment.



According to Albion Marine Solutions Director, Mr. Sergiy Yakovenko, "Multi-Purpose Vessels (MSMM) primarily will help in supporting a variety of missions including icebreaking, navigation aids, environmental Ecosystem marine response and search and rescue, charting, offshore search, SAR operations, hydrographic work, and payload supports." Moreover, the MSMM Vessel will also assist in offshore support for search and rescue, emergency response, and security. As per current trends, the container market has been constrained, and excess cargo has already been diverted to Multi-Purpose operated vessels. For more information or technical specifications, please get in touch with the Albion team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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